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Political Announcements and Campaign Ads for Elections

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Political campaign ads and political candidate announcements can be very effective and affordable ways to reach voters and communicate your message as a candidate seeking election.  



If you are not running ads in our paper(s), your political candidate's announcement will cost $225 to run in The Clinton Courier or $200 to run in any one of the other papers; or, if running in more than one of our papers, $175 per paper (*pricing will differ if running in Clinton).


Political announcement must be sent in a Word Document or in the body of an e-mail message.  Maximum word count: 450 words.  Include a head shot photograph (.jpg or .png) that is at least 300 dpi. Send both to


Announcement and head shot must be received by 5 pm, eleven days prior to the newspaper(s)’ publication date(s).  Announcements received after the deadline will not be published until the following issue.


Payment must be received prior to publication date (bank draft, credit card or check).  


Ad Price:

If advertising in one of our six newspapers, Rate Sheet Price applies.  If advertising in 2 of our papers at the same time, take 20% off the rate sheet price.  If advertising in 3 or more of our papers at the same time, take 30% off the rate sheet price.

Rate Sheet Price for black and white and color quarter page and half page ads:

Ad Format:

We can design your ad for you at no extra charge.  If someone else designs your ads, they must be provided in the following format:  provide the ad in a high resolution PDF (at least 300 dpi) via email to  Color mode for color ads: CMYK.  Exact dimensions:  (a) half page:  10.375” wide x 6” tall.  (b) quarter page option 1: 5” wide x 6” tall. (c) quarter page option 2: 10.375” wide x 3” tall. 

Ad Deadline:

We must know that you wish to run an ad, the ad size and whether it is color or black & white, 11 days prior to publication date, so that we can reserve your space in the paper(s).  If we are to design the ad for you, we must receive instructions re: what's to be included in the ad, 11 days prior to publication date.  If you will provide a print ready ad designed by someone else, we must receive the print ready ad, in the format described above, at least 4 days prior to publication date.

Payment must be received prior to publication date (bank draft, credit card or check). 

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